Phat Wednesdays presented by Kokanee

Phat Wednesday

Downhill Series

Put your skills to the test on Wednesday evenings with our ever-popular race series. Complete with an awesome aprés at the Garibaldi Lift Company and tonnes of prizing from Bike Park sponsors, Phat Wednesdays rock.

2014 Series Standings

Series Standings


  • Registration is from 4:30pm -6:00pm each race day
  • Racing starts at 5:00pm in a 1st come, 1st race order
Race Dates
May 27th    
June 3rd 10th 17th
July 1st 15th  29th
August 26th    
September 2nd    

Series Pass

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  • You can still race all Phat Wednesday races
  • There will be a separate line for non-series pass holders.
  • You will pay $5 each race. CASH ONLY
  • There is no pre-reg
  • If we run out of plates then you must wait to see if any Series Pass plates are not picked up, then it is first come first serve to "buy" those.
  • You must register in person. Sorry no picking up plates for friends.
  • You must be a WORCA member – WORCA memberships will be available at the same time as Series Passes

It is mandatory to be a Worca member and memberships can be purchased on site for $50.
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  • Male
  • Female
  • Junior Male (17 and under)
  • Junior Female (17 and under)
  • Master Male (30 and older)

Mandatory Protective Equipment:

  • (15 and Under) Full face helmet, Knee pads, Elbow pads, Gloves and Body armor
  • (16+) Full face helmet

Rentals available at G1 rentals located in the Whistler Village Gondola building under the GLC

Phat Wednesday riders receive 20% off at Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails

Race Report - Aug 27


Last night we held our 9th and Final Phat Wednesday presented by Kokanee of 2014.  The 3rd Annual F#$% Cancer Chainless Aline was a success.  With 240 racers coming out in their best fancy dress, we had M&Ms, tin foil, a Rubix cube, lots of spandex and many cross dressing bikers on hand.  The party was happening at the GLC as we wrapped up a great season of racing. And it was all washed down with some ice cold Kokanees.

In the Chainless Aline portion of the evening’s festivities, Nick Geddes was crowed the king with a time of 4:30.40.  Claire Buchar once again topped the Female Open Category at 4:56.16.  Jack Iles led the junior males with a time of 4:53.98 and Mathieu Hebert was top of the podium in the Male Master category at 4:39.09.

For the last 3 years, we have incorporated a fundraising component to the race with all proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital, specifically to the teen cancer ward.  This year through raffle tickets and a live auction for a 2015 Bike Park Season pass, we were able to raise almost $2000 for this great cause.

Last night was also the night to crown our series Champions.  It was a tight race in a few categories, while others were untouchable this year.  Remy Metailler was crowed this year’s Series Champ in the Male Open Category.  Claire Buchar took Female Open with Steve Storey the Master Male Champ.  Finn Iles and Stephanie Denroche were the Male and Female Junior Champions.

A ton of draw prizes were handed out thanks to our Bike Park Sponsors, including Rock Shox, Sram, Dakine, Odi, Go Pro, Garbanzo Bike and Bean, Maxxis, IXS and Kokanee.

Not ready to hang up your bike from racing yet?  We still have more races left in September. The Triple Crown – and enduro for downhillers is Sept 14th and a full enduro starting at Top of the World on Sept 27th.

Race Report - July 30

Results Current Standings

Last night we had our 8th Phat Wednesday presented by Kokanee. A tough track combined with tough dry dusty conditions kept a few people away but 110 riders came out to get a feel for what’s to come at the upcoming Crankworx Canadian Open DH. Starting on Joyride, racers then headed down the Canadian Open finishing off the final feature in lower Joyride.

Chris Kovarik proved once again that he is the man to beat. With a fastest time of the day of 2:16.47 (and I believe he was even riding chainless) Claire Buchar was again atop the Female Open podium with more than a 30 second margin and a time of 2:39.57. Steve Storey led the Master Males at 2:26.08 and Remy Morton took the Junior Male category with a 2:21.93.

Ice cold Kokanees help wash down the dust at the GLC with some draw prizes thanks to our sponsors.

We will now have a 3 week break as we head into Crankworx. See you all August 27th for our final race, the F-Cancer Chainless Aline, costumes and all.

Not racing Crankworx? Why not be part of the action and volunteer? More info at

Race Report - July 16

Results Current Standings

We had a first for Phat Wednesdays presented by Kokanee last night, we ventured up into the Garbanzo Zone.  Just a little ways up, but still a brand new track for the series.  Despite the heat wave and blazing sun, 163 riders came out to ride a section of what is actually the Garbanzo Downhill track at Crankworx.  Duffman -> Golden Triangle -> World Cup Single Track -> Ho Chi Min is a long, pedally track that demanded both technical skills as well as endurance from the riders.

There were a few new faces on the podium this week, along with some seasoned veterans.  Chris Kovarik was once again the fastest man of the night with a 4:54.14 (the only racer to crack the 5 minute mark).  He was followed closely behind by Denis Courchesne and Jack Iles.  Buck, aka Claire Buchar was back to claim her spot at the top of the Female Open podium with a time of 5:31.22.  And despite riding on his “little bike” Shayne Gayton made his way back to the top of the Master Male podium with a time of 5:06.36.  Georgia Astle led the Junior Females while Finn Iles led the Junior Males with a 5:13.16 ( Just outside the top ten in Male Open).

The evenings heat was beaten with some ice cold Kokanees on our favorite patio, the GLC.  And some awesome draw prizes were handed out thanks to our sponsors, including a Rock Shox Pike Fork, A Go Pro camera, Maxxis Tires, clothing from Dakine and other sweet gear.

We will be taking a week off from Phat Wednesdays to let the kids show their stuff at the 2nd Phat Kidz race of the summer, July 23rd.  This week the kids will be hitting up B-line to Ho Chi Min. More details can be found here.

Phat Wednesdays will resume for the penultimate race (2nd to last) on July 30th.  Course will be announced Tuesday the 29th at 4:00pm on the big sign at the bottom of the course and on facebook.

By popular demand, the Whip It event will be moving closer to all the action - originally scheduled for Saturday, July 19, this event will now take place during the Crankworx Whistler festivities on August 11th. The change will allow more whip-thirsty athletes the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Race Report - July 9

Results Current Standings

200 riders braved the heat last night for our 6th Phat Wednesday presented by Kokanee.  This we, we uped the ante with the much more difficult track of Schleyer to Lower Whistler Downhill and finishing on Detroit Rock City.

There were a few reported crashes during training and a few more on course last night but all in all the race was deemed a success.

Jack Iles took top spot posting the fastest time of the day at 2:23.50.  STRANDIMAL, aka Katrina Strand led the females this week by only 14/100ths over 2nd place finisher Sarah Leishman.  Finn Iles was once again atop the Junior podium with a time of 2:31.37, over 10 seconds faster than 2nd place.  Georgia Astle took top spot in the Junior Females and Steve Storey made it two weeks in a row atop of the Masters podium.

Once again après and awards were hosted at the awesome GLC, where we enjoyed some ice cold Kokanees. With Draw prized given out thanks to our sponsors GBB, Go Pro, Sram, Dakine and Maxxis.

We are back at it again next week for race #7.  Course will be announced Tuesday at 4:00pm on the big sign at the bottom of the park and on facebook.

Race Report - July 2

Results Current Standings

Wow, we had our biggest race of the season last night, and one of the biggest ever, with 256 racers coming out in the heat to ride an obviously popular track.  Funshine Rolly Drops -> Smoke and Mirrors -> Blueseum -> Wednesday Night Delight -> B-line was in showing well thanks to recent efforts from our fabulous Trail Crew.

Chris Kovarik proved once again that he is the man to beat with a blasting time 4 seconds faster than anyone else.  BUCK aka Claire Buchar was once again atop the women’s podium with Steve Storey taking the Master Male category.  Finn Iles is a Junior to watch for, once again leading the pack with a lead of over 2 seconds. Please note: this week we ran into a laptop computer glitch so all posted times are infact 14.45 seconds faster; hoewer, rankings are correct as everyone’s time is our equally.

Awards and Apres were held on the newly expanded GLC patio with some nice refreshing Kokanees to break the heat.  Some great draw prizes were handed out thanks to our Bike Park Sponsors, including Rock Shox, GBB, IXS, Go Pro and Dakine.

We race again next week, July 9th.  Course will be announced Tuesday at 4:00pm on the big sign board at the bottom of the park and on facebook.

Race Report - June 18

Results Current Standings

We were back at her last night with our 4th Phat Wednesday presented by Kokanee of the summer.  We stepped up the difficulty level this week racing on Fantastic to Crank it Up to Lower Whistler Downhill to B-Line Connector to Afternoon Delight to Detroit Rock City. 215 Brace souls came out to show their stuff on the harder track.

Some familiar faces are back in town and made it to the podium this week.  Chris Kovarik was the fastest man of the night with a time of 2:30.70.  In the Master Male category, only 1 100th of a second put Chris Dewar atop the podium ahead of Adam Billinghurst.  Kenny Smith took 3rd only 15 100ths behind Dewar.  Once again, BUCK, aka Claire Buchar had a good lead on the other Females and Finn Iles made it to the top in the Junior Males once again.  Stephanie Denroche was the fastest Junior Female of the evening.

Despite the chill in the air, awards and apres were held at the GLC on their brand new patio with tons of draw prizes given away thanks to our bike park sponosors, Dakine, Sram, GBB, Go Pro and others.

We have a break from Phat Wednesdays next week as we let the Kids step into the spotlight.  Our new race league, Phat Kidz starts next Wednesday, June 25th.  This is a DH race series for kids 7-14, which will offer an introduction to racing for all levels.  More info here: Phat Kidz | Whistler Mountain Bike Park This week, the kids will be racing on Crabapple turns to Del Bocca Vista.

We will be back to Phat Wednesdays July 2nd.  Track will be announced Tuesday night on the big sign at the bottom of the park and on facebook.

Race Report - June 11


Despite comparisons to Enduro tracks or complaints about it being “too pedally”; 222 riders came out to race our 3rd Phat Wednesday presented by Kokanee of 2014.  The so called pedally course included Upper Angry Pirate -> Cruise Control (Crabapple Turns) -> EZ Does It -> Shady Acres -> Del Boca Vista -> EZ Does It. A whole lot of tech and yes a little bit of pedaling.

Many familiar faces were atop the podium again last night including Remy Metailler who was the fastest man of the night with a time of 3:17.46.  Racing under her psuedonem, BUCK aka Claire Buchar once again led the Females with a time of 3:32.38.  Familiar to the podium, but making the step up to 1st, Bracken Camilleri, took the Junior Male category with a time of 3:22.57 and Shane Gayton continued his winning streak in the Master Male with a time of 3:23.92.

Once again, things wrapped up on the BRAND NEW patio at the GLC for some ice cold Kokanees and draw prizes courtesy of the bike park sponsors.

We race again next week, June 18th before taking a 1 week break for the new series, Phat Kidz.  Course will be announced Tuesday at 4:00pm on the big sign at the bottom of the park and on facebook

Don’t miss our last PhaSt Friday Enduro (June 13th) before extended play starts 7 days a week.  Register now at Guest Services or online.  Plate Pick up has been extended to 5:30pm for those 9-5ers.

Phat Kidz, our newest event series to hit the park starts Wednesday June 25th for kids 6+. This is an introduction to DH racing and we will be racing a shortened track similar to this week’s Phat Wed, Cruise Control -> Del Bocca Vista. More information is available here: Phat Kidz | Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Race Report - June 4


Last night we ran our 2nd Phat Wednesday presented by Kokanee.  The series is in full swing now, with almost 250 racers coming out to conquer the classic Orient Express course.  Starting on Olympic ski run, racers followed Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, Samurai Pizza Cat into Ho Chi Min.  The sun was out and it was a great night for racing.

There were a few new faces on the podium this week along with some familiar ones.  Remy Metailler was the fastest man of the night with a time of 3:39.10.  Claire Buchar led the women once again as the only female to sub 4 minutes, at 3:56.58.  In the Master Male category, Shane Gayton claimed the top spot with a time of 3:46.24.  The juniors were out in force tonight too, with our largest Junior Female showing and leading the way, Stephanie Denroche took top spot with a time of 4:45.94.  And with an unbelievable win by 14 seconds, Finn Iles was once again at the top of the Junior Male Podium in 3:42.72.

As usual, things wrapped up at the GLC with some Kokanees at the après, awards and draw prizes thanks to our sponsors.   Next week, the deck renos should be finished and we will have more space for things to continue long into the night.

We have the 2nd PhaSt Friday Enduro in the park, info and registration here:

And the Phat Wednesdays continue next week.  Trail will be announced Tuesday afternoon on the big sign at the bottom of the park and on facebook.!/groups/PhatWeds/

Race Report - May 28


Its Back!  Phat Wednesdays presented by Kokanee kicked off last night for a new season.  We stuck with tradition and raced on B-Line down Heart of Darkness and into the Skier’s Plaza.  226 bikers came out get their fix of racing action and 44 racers took things one step further and went chainless.  In a tradition started way back but Adam Billinghurst, riders have the options of taking of their chains in a winner takes all side bet.

Toping the podium, once again, was fastest man of the evening, James McSkimming (Open Male) with a time of 5:29.16.  Leading the Females was Claire Buchar, also no stranger to the top. She was the only Female to crack 6 minutes.  Finn Iles lead the Junior Males and Greg West came out ahead in the Mater Males.  Bailey Goldstone was also on top with the fastest Junior Female time of the day.

When it came to Chains off, Claire Buchar proved she couldn’t be beat, with or without a chain and Jack Iles had the most flow with the quickest Chainless time of the day at 5:36.23.

Despite the construction of the GLC deck, we were able to squeeze into the bar for après and awards and a nice cold Kokanee, or 2 or 3 J  And some lucky riders even walked away with draw prizes thanks to our bike park sponsors, Sram, Avid, Garbanzo Bike and Bean, Pinkbike, Kokanee, Turvativ and Go Pro and others.

Phat Wednesdays continue next week with a new trail, announced Tuesday afternoon, on the big sign at the bottom of the park or on our Facebook group Phat Wednesdays.  The first PhaSt Friday Enduro is this Friday, May 30. A short, 3 stage Spring Enduro in a closed bike park.  Registration is open online whistler or at Guest Services. 

July 16: Duffman - Golden T - Worldcup

July 9: Schleyer - Downhill - Detroit

July 2: Funshine - Smoke  - Blueseum

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