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March 6, 2014

I didn’t think anyone read these!

I received no less than two comments this week asking where the winter Bike Park updates have been. That is twice as many people as I figured read my reports, so I figured I better get on it and give at least that small group of people something to chew on for the next 70 days. […]

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What Type of Rider Are you?

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is not like any other biking experience you have ever had. There are trails to suit a wide variety of tastes and abilities. This guide is aimed at giving you the information that you need to have a great day and go home tired, dirty and happy.

Expert XC/AM »

You are an avid Cross Country or All Mountain rider. You may or may not have experience riding lift accessed terrain, and you want to work on your downhill skills.

Intermediate XC »

You have some experience riding off road. You are comfortable riding moderately pitched single track trails, negotiating rock and root sections and rolling over obstacles.

Novice »

You have little or no experience mountain biking. You are ready to try a high performance mountain bike and have an experienced guide show you the ropes.

Slopestyle/Dirtjump »

You ride a DJ hardtail or a slopestyle bike with single crown forks. You may or may not be able to clear a set of dirt jumps. You love taking air and want to learn some new tricks.

Expert DH/FR »

You only have one chainring on your bike because you are only interested in riding in cooperation with gravity, and you're good at it.

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When the bike park first opened for the season in May there were 151 days of riding and endless summer nights. Now there are only 15 days left before the Whistler Mountain Bike Park closes and summer is officially over. This video portrays the spirit of truly dedicated riders. Whether they are gunning it down gnarly lines or easing their way around berms for the first time, downhill fanatics don't let cooler temperatures and a little rain get in their way. They take advantage of precious laps while they still can, all with a smile on their face and dirt, well, everywhere.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park closes for the season on October 14, 2013.

64 days until winter opening of Whistler Blackcomb.