Garbanzo Zone

Whistler Mountain Bike Park
During the summer of 2004, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park's vertical tripled with the addition of a network of trails accessed by the Garbanzo Express chair. Riders were treated to 2200 vertical feet of brand new single track trails that fed seamlessly into the 1200' vertical of the existing Park. Top to bottom laps were in excess of an hour. Winter or summer, Garbanzo is an area of the mountain not like the rest. In fact, if the original park could have a yin to match its yang, it would be Garbanzo. The area is higher, bigger, steeper and much more rugged than its predecessor. It may well be the perfect height – not too high to hit the thin air and the rough and tumble of the high alpine but high enough to keep summer temperatures cool and comfortable. The sweet spot on a hot summer day. Although the newcomer, Garbanzo feels older – wise, mature and almost stately, a sharp contrast to the youthful exuberance, excitement and energy of the lower park. Perhaps it is the space, the sheer size of the area that gives it this feel. The Garbanzo Zone encompasses an area more than five times as big as its little brother.

Quick Stats
Vertical Drop 660m/2165'
Lift length 2156m/7073'
Lift capacity 600 shuttles/hour