Learn to Ride Crank It Up

Crank It Up

Want to improve your riding ability on Crank It Up? On Sept. 15 from 9 am – 11am you can ride Crank It Up exclusively. Think of it, 2 hours of nonstop riding. We will have coaches at the start checking tickets as well as informing you where the other coaches are located along Crank It Up. If you want tips on your riding, pull over and stop at the 3 coaching areas and one of our coaches will help you out. Learn how to jump and ride wall rides properly. This is a great stepping stone before mastering runs like A-Line.

There will be a Learn to Ride A-Line on Sept 29. Learn To Ride A-line


Includes exclusive access to the Crank it up from 9a-11a, early upload access, as well as coaching tips. (does not include rental equipment or lift ticket)

You must show your lesson ticket at the start of the trail each lap.


Registration closes on Sept 14 at 5 pm. Quantities limited, no day of registration.

Register at Guest Services or through our Reservations Center at 1-800-766-0449