Summer Gravity Camps

Five Reasons
May 31, 2016

Arguably the best thing about being a mountain biker is that you can always get better. All it takes is for a rider to rip by you on the trails or your buddy to boost that jump just a little higher; you're instantly hooked and need to push further. This endless pursuit is what makes riding so fun and any opportunity to learn more is one that we jump on. Summer Gravity Camps is one of those opportunities. Nowhere else will you get the cycle of mind-blowing trails and endless good times. But, like standing at the drop-in to a jump line, sometimes we need a little push.

Below you will find a list of five reasons of why you should join Summer Gravity Camps this season. But lets be honest, you were ready to drop in anyways.

1. Ride the best trails in the world

You’ve seen it in magazines, online and in your favourite pros social feeds, but have you ever boosted a jump on A-Line yourself? Have you ever slapped a berm on Ninja Cougar? If not, it is time to strap on your full-face and get out here. If you have, you know how addicting that feeling is. 

Whistler’s trails are world-renowned and for good reason. There are more berms, jumps, rock-gardens and roots than you know what to do with. Never ridden the Bike Park before? Not a problem, there are trails for everyone and you will be surprised with what you can ride by the end of your trip. Get priority line-skip by being an SGC rider and bag lap after lap all day long. If there is a mountain-biker’s paradise, this is it. 


Photo by: Logan Swayze/Coast Mountain Photography 

2.There is something for everyone

Whether you’re setting out to become the next World Champ or want to get sideways like R-Dog, we have you covered. SGC blends a variety of riding styles into your camp so that you get to work on everything that makes you a great rider. Groups are picked on skill level and who wants to ride with their friends. Don't be shy, our camps are inclusive and we are stoked to have all types of riders join our ranks.

You’re never too old to work on your skills and have a blast riding the best bike park on the planet. SGC offers camps for adults to take their riding to the next level on trails that suit all manner of abilities. New for this season is the Enduro Camp which runs from July 30 – August 6. Mixing it up between the bike park and incredible valley trails, this camp is designed to take your enduro racing, all-mountain and trail skills to another dimension.


Photo by: Sterling Lorence 

3. Post-riding activites

If riding dream-like trails isn’t enough, then maybe access to one of the most fun places in the world will do it. One of the best parts of an SGC camp is the atmosphere and activities that take place after a day of riding. Once you’re off the bike, coaches and counselors make sure that the good times keep rolling by diving into everything that Whistler has to offer. 

If you still have energy, hit the dirt jumps tol continue the progression you learned from the big bike. SGC campers have exclusive access to the Air Dome from 3-5 every day so that you can dial in your tricks or just get some more time in the air in a safe environment. Once you've had enough for the day, head back to the hotel to watch the latest MTB video or check out the footage you got during the day.


Photo by: Sterling Lorence 

4. Hang with the best in the world

It’s not every day that you get to ride with the guys you look up to as MTB heros. Follow their lines down the trails, shoot the sh%t on the chairlift and learn what it takes to become one of the best. At the end of the day, these guys are riders just like you, and their relaxed demeanor is why we want them at the camp. With our small group sizes, you can rest assured that you will spend plenty of time with your heros. 


Photo by: Sterling Lorence 

5. The outcome

It's going to be hard to wipe that smile off your face after you realize how far you have come since booking your trip. Your new found sense of confidence on the bike will be hard to contain as you rail and nail every feature once you're back at your home trails. An SGC camp is the best place to accomplish your goals and you will leave feeling like a stronger, more capable rider than you ever were before.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having a damn good week on your bike. After spending seven days riding the best trails in the world, with some of the best riders in the world, coupled with good people and good vibes, you will be hard-pressed to not claim it was the best week on your life. So, what are you waiting for? Let's ride. 


Photo by: Sterling Lorence 

2016 Youth Camp Dates (18 and under)
July 2 - 9
July 9 - 16
July 16 - 23

2016 Adult Camp Dates (19+)
July 23 - 30
July 30 - Aug 6

2016 Adult Enduro Camp (19+)
July 30 - August 6

Learn more, book your spot and ask questions at:


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