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Bike Park


Park Report
May 09, 2016

SOMEFOMO – My new acronym for this time of year.  It stands for Social Media induced Fear of Missing Out. At this time of year the various digital time sucks I fall into show me perfect tacky trail conditions, and sun baked shredding back to back in an endless random order. The days are getting noticeably longer and considerably warmer, which makes me think of all of the summer activities I have been longing for over the cold dark winter. At the same time the sunny awesomeness and Juicy Fruit commercial ski conditions have me stoked for California on the mountain. I consider myself lucky to have won the World Cup of Life where it doesn’t really matter which season I chase, I get to do it in an amazing place like Whistler.

Bike Park

Basking in that golden Instagram-worthy light

Photo by – Justa Jeskova


Still on the digital communications subject, it is amazing how connected we all are now, able to get answers to questions in the blink of an eye. The question I have been fielding the most over the past month is, “Any chance the Bike Park is going to open up early?” This query has come from friends, family and strangers alike, sliding into my inboxes via all digital channels. The answer is no, there will not be an earlier start so plan your lift serviced bike season kick off around May the 20th.

Bike Park

Photo by – Robin O’Neil

Rider – Trevor Berg


The second most frequent question, often preceded by the first is, “How is it up there?” I have seen this Park in May many times and can say it is free of snow and thanks to a “normal” winter the trails are in good shape and drying up nicely. We kept the crew around for longer in the fall doing maintenance that fell by the wayside because of the hot dry summer in 2015. The extra work and lack of water damage mean the trails are going to be as good as they get for opening and we will likely have the entire buffet of offerings ready for your riding pleasure.

Bike Park

Photo by – Nadia Samer

Rider – Liam Willtorton


I hope you can make it out for opening weekend, and if you also suffer from the SOMEFOMO and want to live in both worlds, then drop in and sign up for the Crud to Mud race on Saturday May 21st where you can race your favorite snow sliding apparatus from the Alpine on Whistler down to the snowline to transition to your bike for a rip through the Bike Park. It’s a rowdy way to make that transition from winter to summer and an event everyone needs to do at least once.


See you in the lineup. BF

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