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Fire Ice & Dynamite

Park Report

Fire Ice & Dynamite
June 13, 2017

In the 80’s cult classic action sports movie “Fire Ice & Dynamite” by Willy Bogner, a millionaire fakes his death and forces all of his creditors and estranged children to partake in a multi-sport adventure race if they wish to claim his fortune. If you have not seen this cinematic piece of sporting genius you need to. The acting is terrible, the humor is kooky euro slapstick but the stunt work is incredible for the time. Essentially all of the Red Bull events you see popping up in your social media feeds can be traced back to the races in this movie.

Fire Ice & Dynamite

What does this seemingly irrelevant movie review have to do with you? I’m glad you asked. The endeavors we have undertaken to get the Garbanzo and Creekside trails ready for opening this weekend have amounted to a not dissimilar adventure race with all manner of wacky snow removal tactics being deployed to get things open. We have pushed, pulled, cut, dug, tracked and stomped that snow into submission and even managed to do some good trail work to get things primed for the season opener. You can expect a few bits of trail to remain closed due to some residual snow or water damage but overall there will be a great offering of trails from top to bottom.

Your Garbanzo offering will include; Blue Velvet (with the odd section closed), In Deep, Fatcrobat, Captain Safety, Little Alder, Lower No Joke, Lower Freight Train, Duffman, No duff, and Side Track.

Fire Ice & Dynamite

Return to the Creekside will be via Dusty’s Downhill.

Fire Ice & Dynamite

The race is not over yet, we still have Top of the World to get open so our tactical planning and shovel work will continue into late June and July. Now if only I can get a screenplay approved to make the sequel to “Fire Ice & Dynamite” at WB, I can already envision a cameo by Brett Tippie

See you in the Park.


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