Adult Youth Programs

Adult and Youth Programs for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.
Bike Park 101
The perfect program for beginner riders who would like an introduction to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Learn More
Daily Group Lessons
These clinics are for riders who are developing a taste for freeriding. Patient, professional coaches will introduce participants to braking skills, cornering, and riding graduated drops and jumps. Learn More
Private Lessons & Guides
The ultimate day of learning can be achieved with a private lesson. Learn More
Men's Night
These all-male drop-in nights are perfect if you want to train for Phat Wednesdays, or if you're new to the sport and want to find some buddies to ride with. Learn More
LIV Women's Night
An instant classic, our women's drop-in nights on Mondays & Wednesday have now become world re-known. Bringing together the female riding community. Learn More
Trail Lessons & Guides
The Whistler Mountain Bike Park offers a program mix allowing you to take in one of the best days on your mountain bike all summer. Learn More
Valley Tours
This program is perfect for any level of rider with limited time, who's looking to maximize their riding experience while in Whistler. Learn More
Backcountry Bike Tours
An epic option for advanced riders only. One of the Bike Park's most senior guides will test the skill level of riders before this full day 5,000 ft alpine descent. Learn More
Ability Level Guide
To ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience while in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, we've written up an Ability Level Guide. Read through the guidelines to best determine your riding ability and select programs suitable to your level. Learn More